About Royle Eleven


We are reclaiming the concept of luxury clothing and delivering it to the streets—a kind of Robin Hood for the fashion-conscious. By focusing on the details in each of our garments, we enable the contemporary individual to feel the quality of their clothes, right down to the stitching.

Our journey has given us a unique perspective of the class system in action. We are determined to transcend it with ROYLE ELEVEN. We believe that our customers should feel empowered to walk their own streets in the clothes that define them, regardless of their background.

about us
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We are dedicated to our craft. Each moment is an opportunity for reflection, and we take this seriously. Our values represent an open-minded approach, which is embedded in the fabric of every garment produced by ROYLE ELEVEN. 

We care about the details, not only in terms of quality but in terms of effort. Our customers work hard, and we want to thank them by providing garments of high comfort and style.